As Sarasota’s premier automotive detailing company

As Sarasota’s premier automotive detailing company, Wergs Automotive constantly looks for ways to improve its concierge-style service for customers. As a predominantly service business, we understand that we are only as good as our reputation and latest detail. Sarasota vehicles take a beating from the high humidity, seemingly constant rain, and harsh sunlight, let alone the sand that creeps into all your interior crevices. We take pride in ensuring that your vehicle sparkles like the day you bought it after every premium detail.

Expanding Offerings to Better Serve Customers Like You

Because Sarasota weather can damage vehicles, we continually explore opportunities to offer customers like you better, longer-lasting protection. As a result, six months ago, in July 2021, Wergs Automotive added a premium paint protection film application to its list of in-house services. Adding this service moves Wergs Automotive forward in ensuring that customers like you can simplify your automotive detailing experience by enjoying the benefits of a one-stop shop while also protecting your vehicle.

How Do I Know If I Need Ceramic Coating?

If you’re tired of how often you need to wax your vehicle to keep it looking in top condition, while combating the Sarasota weather, it might be time to consider ceramic coating. It’s a durable, chemical-resistant, glossy material that creates an added layer of protection for your vehicle’s exterior. After applying a coating, you will notice that your car appears instantly shinier and more durable. After repeated car washes, the shine remains. Even dirt and grease repel with ease. Once you try our in-house ceramic coating service, you will never go back to regular waxing again.

How Do I Know If I Need Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film is the best way to protect your vehicle’s paint from outside sources damaging the surfaces. Prevents rock chips, scratches, scuffs, and discoloration in your paint’s finish. Did you know we are able to apply PPF to headlights as well to provide the same protection?

Choose Your Self-Healing Package

With XPEL Paint Protection Film, your vehicle will immediately resist discoloration and stains. The self-healing clear coat paint protection film provides a virtually invisible finish, and it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can choose which parts of your vehicle to wrap. Our package options include:

• Full front bumper

• Partial front end, which includes partial hood, fender, mirrors, and full front bumper

• Full front protection, consisting of the bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors

• Full vehicle protection, featuring front bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors and headlights, rocker panels and side skirts, doors, rear quarter panels, trunk, roof, and rear bumper

Guaranteed Service

Like all Wergs Automotive services, the ceramic coatings and paint protection film are guaranteed to be of excellent quality at affordable prices. While your vehicle is at Wergs Automotive, you can rest assured that we treat it as our own. In short, when you think of detailing Sarasota, think Wergs Automotive.

No-Hassle Rental Rides

Wergs Automotive turns the hassle of getting your car serviced into an enjoyable customer experience. Although we continuously strive to return your vehicle to you promptly, some services are more time-intensive than others. That’s why customers like you can rent various rides, including exotic cars, SUVs, domestic vehicles, and more directly from Wergs Automotive while your vehicle is being serviced. How would you like to explore the feel of a different vehicle? This service gives many customers that opportunity. Other customers enjoy mixing it up and driving something different, while still others look at the rental as an extended test drive. No matter the reason, Wergs Automotive customers avoid the inconvenience of not being mobile while their vehicle is being serviced.

How Else Can Wergs Support Your Automotive Journey

To keep your existing vehicle looking its best on an ongoing basis, Wergs Automotive offers premium car detailing. More extensive services include ceramic coating, paint correction, window tinting, paintless dent removal (PDR), and paint protection film. You may know Wergs Automotive sells cars, but you may be surprised to find out we also store vehicles in a climate-controlled environment, using the latest ADT security technology for safety. We also sell vehicles on consignment.